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So true…

Nunca discutas con un imbécil, te hará bajar de nivel y allí te ganará por la experiencia.



“Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”

Benjamin Franklin.

Lie and Truth

Miracles and Facts

If it is a miracle, any sort of evidence will answer. But if it is a fact, proof is necessary.

Mark Twain

Starting Good!

Hold Back


“People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one,

and if you repeat it frequently enough,

people will sooner or later believe it.”

Walter Charles Langer

Try Better

“Try again, fail again. Fail better.”

Samuel Beckett

First Version

“Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of somebody else”

Judy Garland


“Tomorrow, you promise yourself, will be different, yet, tomorrow is too often a repetition of today.”

James T. Mccay

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